The Team

Board members

Eli Shaharabany, Adv. (Chairman) - Social Entrepreneur and veteran development executive – Eli harbors over 20 years of establishing social projects with the aim of promoting positive change within society. Over the years he served in various development positions  in Israel and United States. Among them, Director of a leading American based Foundation and Director of Resource and Development Department at the Open University of Israel. Eli holds an MA in Political Sciences from Tel Aviv University, and an LLB from Shearey Mishpat College.Amira Aharonovitz - A dedicated strategic planner, Amira has served as CEO of strategy, planning and content at the Jewish Agency and has spent over a decade working in different managerial roles. She co-founded many social-educational initiatives in Israel and abroad. Amira Specializes in connecting donors and supporters with the practicalities of their contribution. She and her family are active members of the integrated Keshet community in Mazkeret Batya. Amira has a BA and an MA in Business Administration from the College of Management.

Michal Cotler-Wunsh, Adv - An energetic, dynamic and pro-active leader, Michal is the Director of International External Relations at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelyia. Herself a product of integrated secular/religious education, Michal is an active member of Parent Leadership at the Ariel School in Ra’anana and has previously served as Chair of Recruitment of the Jewish Life & Education Committees at the Akiva School in Montreal – both integrated schools. She holds an LLB from the Hebrew University, and an LLM from McGill University.

Prof. Tamar Herman - Tamar is a political scientist specializing in public opinion-making and its measurement. She is a faculty member of the Political Science Department of the Open University of Israel, where she was Vice President for Academic Affairs, and is the former director of the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University. Among her other roles: Senior Fellow at IDI, the academic director of IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys, the editor of IDI's annual Israeli Democracy Index, and co-editor of the monthly Peace Index, a joint project of IDI and Tel Aviv University. Tamar has a BA, MA, and PhD in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.

Nahum Langental, Adv - A man of media, law and social affairs, Nahum has headed many public and parliamentary committees on a variety of social issues. As a management member of the Bnei Akiva movement, the Israeli-Arab Forum for Dialogue, and author of several books on the subject, Nahum is a great supporter of secular/religious and Jewish/Arab dialogue. He has an LLB and an MA in Jewish History from Bar Ilan University.



Aliza Gershon, CEO
Aliza was among the founders of Tzav Pius, back in 1995. A child of an orthodox-secular family, Aliza sees her work as a social mission of great national and spiritual importance. Her upbringing formed a natural backdrop for her role in Tzav Pius, bringing together children from orthodox and secular backgrounds.

Aliza is a seventh-generation Jerusalemite. She is married with five lovely children, and is an avid gardener.

 Meytal Ozeri – Project Director, Tzav Pius Summer Camp
An experienced and enthusiastic youth educator, Meytal has managed programs in Israel (Maccabiah Games, Young Judea year Course) and in the US (JAFI Shlicha, CYJ Midwest educational director). Meytal's expertise are in program and team management, showing a consistent success in leading large-scale operations, marketing campaigns and PR all while keeping her team singing her praises. She has a BA in Educational Management Leadership from Bar Ilan University. When not in the office burning the midnight oil tightening the last details of the next program she can be found enjoying the latest foodie indulgence the big city has to offer. Iddo Diamant – Project Director, Together in the Soccer League
A qualified and motivated manager, Iddo has been leading teams to success in both retail and youth development management for nearly a decade. His previous roles in academia (research assistant and tutor at the Hebrew University), retail (Kravitz and Academon regional coordinator and manager) and sports (at-risk youth basketball coach, Hapoel Jerusalem) have given him the skill set to find out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems. Iddo has an MA in Linguistics from the Hebrew University. Iddo is known for his inability to resist the appeal of any musical instrument, testing his loving wife's patience with guitars, a banjo and more recently, a mandolin.[/collapse] 

Assaf Hirshfeld, Formal Education Manager

A leading group facilitator and organizational consultant, Assaf is the dedicated manager of our formal education programs and the residing chairman of Parental Leadership at Tzav Pius. He has trained and consulted for many business and educational teams, leading them to growth and success. One of his prized projects is the Keshet school in Mazkeret Batya, an integrated-Jewish community where he and his family live.

Assaf has an MA in Behavioral Science from the school of Behavioral Sciences (organizational consulting) at the College of Management, and an MA in Public Administration from Bar Ilan University.


Raanan Hirsch , Partnerships Development Director
Following almost 20 years of Global Sales and BD with Israeli Hi-Tech companies, Raanan joined TZAV PIUS to promote tolerance , unity , mutual respect , Jewish Tradition values and “ AHAVAT HINAM” in AM ISRAEL. "While the security situation in Israel remains volatile with daily attacks, we are not charged with making the decisions as to how the government should handle external threats. However what we can do as a society is to start trying to understand one another in order to improve the internal unity among the different populations here.. 

Raanan holds an MBA and BA from the Hebrew University. He is married with four children and enjoys quality family time, biking, learning Jewish Studies and skiing.

Shlomit Shani  

Einat Barzilay, New Media and Public affairs Manager
Former spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Einat leads Tzav Pius on the media front. Her religious upbringing, combined with secular public-school education, has formed her involvement and interest in the Tzav Pius ideology. She has a rich experience as a publicist and media developer focusing on Jewish Renewal, including newspaper columns, television shows and children’s books.

Einat has an MA in media from Bar Ilan University. She is a fan art, poetry, and winter-time reading.


Sarit Ezra, Pedagogic Team
Sarit has been managing the Keshet school in Jerusalem for the past 15 years where se promotes integrated learning. Her years of experience as an educator and instructor come into play as a kindergarten-class guide at the Israel Museum and as a pedagogic supervisor at integrated kindergartens.

Sarit has a degree in education and a certificate in experiential learning. She lives with her family in the integrated Beit Horon community.[/collapse]


Michal Bergman, Educational Program Content Developer and Supervisor
Sarit has a long history of directing integrated projects for educators in the world of pluralist education. She is responsible for writing numerous study programs for children, teenagers and adults, leading batei midrash, online education and teacher training. She initiated a unique websited for teaching Parashat Hashavuah and writing bar/bat mitzvah drashot.

Michal has a BA in history and art history, and an MA in Jewish Education – both from the Hebrew University. Her three children are all integrated-education pros.[/collapse]


Zehava Dadon, Office Manage
A long-time Tzav Pius member, Zehava knows all the ins-and-outs of the organization. Apart from her efforts around the office, Zehava also co-manages the Together in the League” soccer project.

She has previously worked at the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies.[/collapse]