Testemonial of a Parent

Testemonial of a Parent

Elie Revel, Chen’s dad (9th grade) wrote us a thank you letter expressing his feelings about the powerful and influential experience his daughter had at the Tzav Pius Joint Weekend.

Shalom Aliza


I just wanted to send my warmest thanks, as a parent, for a successful Tzav Pius Joint Weekend.

My daughter came back exhilirated from the weekend, having had a great time. She and her friends enjoyed a fun, signifcant and extremely meaningful experience.

From my understanding, they have enjoyed it so much that they did not want to come back home! They cannot wait to participate in the Hanukkah mini-camp.

We share a common goal of creating an base for an integrated religious-secular society. The Tzav Pius Summer Camp is giving our kids the common ground for informal social interactions, completing the more formal educational activities and social interactions taking place in our Keshet School, while enriching their group of friends and acquaintances.

Please send  our congratulations and thanks to the whole Tzav-Pius team on a truly wonderful weekend and for having given our kids such a wonderful experience.

All the best


Elie Revel

Chairman, Keshet, Mazkeret Batya

(Chen’s dad – 9th grade)

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