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The first 11-day camp session at TZAV PIUS, for ages 13-16, has come to a close with many new friendships having been forged and previous bonds renewed

In total we had 170 campers in the first session, hailing from all over the country;  Be'er Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem, Zichron Yaakov, Beit Shemesh the Golan Heights, Modi'in, Yerucham, Kochav Yai'ir, Zur Hadassah, Nizan and Ra'anana.  

 The campers, from diverse religious backgrounds, learned that secular and Orthodox Jews may differ in many ways, yet they can build up a firm sense of community which is stronger than the differences between individual opinions and lifestyles.  In the course of the camp, the campers discussed topics such as Jewish identity, stereotypes, Jewish peoplehood, current conflicts in the Jewish-Israeli society, tolerance and Israeli experiences of Shabbat.  

Some of the exciting activities we shared included, rafting, surfing, bike riding, climbing and camper-led performances in music, drama and dance.  

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Repelling, Making a Difference, and Shabbat 

Each session has its own flavor and special trips. For the first Session of “Hamachane Hameshutaf” (a play on words of the Hebrew translation for Common Denominator), we took a special trip to the Keshet Cave where we went rappelling in the most beautiful spot in Israel.  We also had the opportunity to visit a special needs centre in Acre and help its tenants renovate the centre's library. Shabbat is always a special time at Hamachane Hameshutaf: the campers prepare in the days leading up to the Shabbat by exploring the values and meaning of the day, and deciding together how they will honor each other’s ways of observing it.

It should inspire us all to see how one does not have to be a full grown adult in order to make a change and that the change can start any age if one only wants in to happen.  Returning camper Afek Dilmon shared that, "The Tzav Pius camp really opened my eyes to different teens and ways of life. This was something that could not have happened in an ordinary Summer.”  Yuval Rabinovich, a first-time camper, talks about the courage and friends that he found, “I think I gained in the camp this thing called courage; the courage to try, to meet and to acquire new friends. I met loads of different friends which I will keep in touch with. We all learnt from each other so much and affected each other on many different levels.” 

“Hamachane Hameshutaf" is based on the model of American summer camps and is designated for Orthodox and secular teenagers, boys and girls, graduates of 7th-8th grades.

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