Eli Shaharabani

Social entrepreneur; leads more than 20 social projects aimed at bringing about social change. He has held several prominent positions including at a leading foundation in the US, and director of resource development at the Open University. He has an MA in political science from Tel Aviv University and an LLB from the Sha’arei Mishpat Academy for Law and Science in Hod Hasharon.

Michal Kotler

PhD candidate in the law faculty of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Researcher in the program, “Human Rights under Pressure.” Previously a lawyer in private practice in the field of public administration, and director of international relations at the Inter-Disciplinary College, Herzliya, as well as a research associate at the college’s Institute against Terror. She has an LLB from the law faculty of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and an LLM from McGill University, Toronto.

Prof. Tamar Herman

Senior Fellow in the Israel Democracy Institute and director of the Institute’s Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research. Fellow and former dean of the Open University. Her main fields of interest and research are the Israeli public’s attitudes to national security; grassroots politics; social movements and political protest; public opinion and foreign policy-making; peace movements and peace activism; Israeli politics and theoretical and practical aspects of conflict resolution processes. Prof. Herman has a BA in political science and history from Tel Aviv University and conducted post-doctoral studies at the Center of International Security Studies at Princeton University. Among her publications is The Israeli Peace Movement: A Shattered Dream (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Nahum Langental

Businessman, member of the 15th Knesset for the National Religious Party and previously served as the chair of the party’s Young Guard, and also as the director-general of the Ministry of Transport and deputy mayor of the Givat Shmuel town council. In 1993 he became the political secretary of the National Religious Party. In the Knesset he was actively engaged in issues of religion and state, and the search for solutions to bridge the gaps between Israel’s religious and secular populations. He was a member of several Knesset committees, and chaired the subcommittee for the war on traffic accidents as well as parliamentary committee of inquiry into the subject. He also served as chair of the subcommittees for industry, trade, and hi-tech, and the advancement of women in the workplace and the economy. He is a graduate of the Nativ Meir and Ma’aleh Adumim yeshivot, studied law and Jewish history at Bar Ilan University, and is a qualified lawyer.

Dr Shai Weil

Chair of the board and director of several commercial companies. Serves as chair of the board of Har Tuv cement company, Loman Capital, AllCloud, and as deputy chair of Enlight Renewable Energy, while also serving on the board of Milgam and its subsidiary companies, Madison Bio-Tech and others. Member of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, and its finance committee; member of the International Friends of the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center, Etgarim, a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities through outdoor sports, and of the executive committee of Aluma, that strives for the existence of a strong and flourishing Israeli society through advancing social mobility. Active in the Jewish Democratic Forum led by Prof. Shachar Lipschitz at Bar Ilan University and the university’s friends’ association. BA in economics and business management from Bar Ilan, MA in administration from Boston University, and PhD in international administration from Pace University, New York.

Gadi Maoz

Senior manager in hi-tech, specializing in high-tech marketing and international trade. He is associated with a number of projects in social and medical fields and start-ups in the field of sports, society and architecture. Member of the international committee of the International Directors Union, he has first and second degrees in economics and computer sciences.

Shirel Aroshes

More than 20 years’ experience in management positions, human resources, organizational development and leadership in international organizations. Expertise in design and adaptation of strategies and management training at all levels. Extensive experience in local and international human resource teams. She is a volunteer in Natal, an Israeli trauma center established to treat victims of terror and war, as well as army veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and also offers parental guidance in her home locality and in summer camps run by the Jewish Agency and other organizations. She has a BA in education, Judaism and drama from the Kibbutz Teachers’ Seminary and an MA in administration, political science and educational leadership from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She is a licensed conflict resolution negotiator and a graduate of a course for senior directors in corporations.

Einat Barzilai

Spokesperson and Director of Information and Public Relations

Einat specializes in content development and communications. She set up and directs the Tzav Pius website, and manages the organization’s various social networks and public relations activities. Previously she was deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and has extensive experience in Israeli journalism, having worked as a writer and columnist for Israel Hayom, Makor Rishon, LaIsha, YNet and NRG, as well as for the cultural magazine of Ma’ariv. For more than 2 decades, she edited and presented various television programs, especially on innovations in Jewish life. A writer of children’s books and a lecturer in Israeli culture, she has an MA in journalism from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Shaike Elgad

Director, Common Denominator

Shaike is a product of the world of informal education. In the past he directed the Shnat Sherut program (pre-army year of community service,) for the Tzameret youth movement, headed the youth department of the Safed municipality and was a teacher in Jewish schools in the USA. He has a decade of extensive experience in working with young people and instructing groups in educational and ethical values. A graduate of the Oranim College program of leadership and community management, he has a BA and a teacher’s certificate.

Zehava Dadon

Office Manager

Zahava is manager of the office of the CEO and is the longest serving employee of Tzav Pius. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and 5 children. Previously she worked for the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies and at the Israel Embassy in Rome, where she was sent by the Foreign Ministry together with her husband.