The Joint camp

“Hamachane Hameshutaf” (a catchy play on words of the Hebrew translation for Common Denominator) is based on the model of American summer camps and is designed for male and female orthodox and secular teenagers who are graduates of the 7th and 8th grade. The camp lasts 11 days and allows teenagers to disengage from their daily routine, and to become part of a community with a safe environment for building new friendships and learning about social values such as pluralism, brotherhood and mutual responsibility.  This occurs through group hikes, classes and other activities and culminates in the graduation show which parents attend.

The educational program, guided by professional counselors is intended to create a meeting place that encourages dialogue between teenagers who would never meet otherwise.

During camp we celebrate a joint Israeli Shabbat together. Before the Shabbat, the teenagers participate in activities where they explore the values and meaning of that special day. Together, they decide how to honor the Sabbath and each other’s way of observing the day, with the understanding that orthodox as well as secular Jews should learn to accept and support each other’s traditions.

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