The Soccer league

“Together in the League” was established by Tzav Pius in 2001, working in collaboration with The Israeli Soccer Union and various Israeli Soccer clubs throughout Israel. As of today, 130 teams participate in this unique project, allowing religious, secular and traditional teenagers to meet up and get to learn about the Jewish and democratic morals while playing Soccer together. These teams do not play on the Sabbath, thus enabling religious teens to partake in this athletic and educational project.

In Israel, as well as around the world, Soccer is used as an educational tool to teach values, interpersonal relationships, and teamwork. In this spirit, we have developed an educational program to enrich the interaction between the different players through meeting on the Soccer field.


The Rationale of the Project Surveys conducted among the participants of “The Together in the League” project, suggest that there is great importance in the diversity of the players on each team, offering the opportunity for experiential learning and the chance to adopt behavioral changes with emphasis on values such as mutual respect, tolerance and prevention of violence. This activity has a great impact, both on and off the Soccer field, directly affecting the players, their families and friends.

The objectives of the Project

  1. Getting familiar with the different backgrounds of the teammates, making each player’s identity as legitimate as any other.
  2. Strengthening the personal identity and self-definition while also understanding the unique contribution of each player to the team as a whole.
  3. Preserving the unity of the team despite the differences between the members and by strengthening their uniqueness.
  4. Promoting values of mutual respect within the teams and towards rival teams, as well as tolerance and violence prevention in Soccer and all areas of life.
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