tzav pius is took upon itself as a mission to supply a solution for young teens in every aspect of their life…???


Joint religious-secular schools and kindergartens initiated by TZAV PIUS, which offer an important alternative to the divisive public school system that separates children based on religious affiliation.
Through joint education we are creating an infrastructure for an integrated society through quality Jewish education, an encounter of diverse identities that preserve what is unique about each of them, and assimilating values of pluralism, respect, and mutual responsibility.


“Hamachane Hameshutaf” – Tzav Pius` summer camp for teenagers across the Orthodox-secular spectrum and other educational projects as well, enables children to strengthen their Jewish-Israeli identity, while building new friendships and learning to live the values of pluralism and mutual responsibility.


“The Together in the League” project offers religious, secular and traditional teenagers to meet up for experiential learning while playing soccer together, and a chance to adopt behavioral changes with emphasis on values such as mutual respect, tolerance and prevention of violence. These teams do not play on the Sabbath, thus enabling religious teens to partake in this athletic and educational project.