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TZAV PIUS has identified its key strength in bringing together students of diverse Jewish identities, both in formal and informal educational frameworks: via joint religious-secular schools and kindergartens, initiated by TZAV PIUS, which offer an important alternative to the divisive public school system that separates children based on religious affiliation; via a summer camp for teenagers across the Orthodox-secular spectrum; and other educational projects as well. These programs enable children to strengthen their Jewish-Israeli identity, while building new friendships and learning to live the values of pluralism and mutual responsibility.

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Tzav Pius- Advancing the field

Tzav Pius works to develop an Israeli society in which Jews of differing perceptions along the secular-orthodox spectrum, share a strong commitment to Jewish and democratic values, thus encouraging social and educational changes.

For the past two decades Tzav Pius has made inroads with an innovative hands-on approach to inter-community dialogue. For the result to be permanent, the next, crucial, phase must be devoted to turning that dialogue into reality.

TZAV PIUS was established as an urgent response to the tensions and conflict that erupted between Israeli Jews across the Orthodox-secular spectrum in the aftermath of Prime Minister Rabin’s assassination in 1995.

Over the years, TZAV PIUS has had great success in promoting much needed dialogue between key sectors in Israeli society; and now, its next crucial phase is devoted to turning that dialogue into a new reality, based on mutual respect and responsibility.